Monday, July 27, 2015

How to Win the Internet Video Revolution

The future of the internet is video, will you capitalize on it?

The Internet is not a static place.  If it’s not already here, in a matter of years, videos will be the king of online content.  Cisco has predicted that by 2018, over 80% of content on the Internet will be video.  This prediction is both a reflection of improving technologies as well as a development in consumer preferences.
Rapid increases in bandwidth, accompanied with user friendly editing software and video hosting interfaces has made it easier and cheaper then ever to publish video content online.  What used to require an expensive camera, an understanding of complicated film editing software, and considerable patience, can now be done on a smartphone in a matter of hours.  For marketers from any size business, video content has become a tool that can be utilized at any step in the funnel.  A study conducted by Nielsen found 64% of      marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future.
A study conducted by Nielsen found 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future.

Increased accessibility to produce online video is how the Internet is turning to video content, but not why.  An emerging trend in consumer preferences has become the driving force behind the proliferation of Internet video content.  The company Animoto, that allows users to make online videos in minutes, researched millennial’s online shopping behavior, and found an overwhelming preference for video content. 70% claimed to watch video for information when shopping online, 80% said they find online videos helpful when making online purchasing decisions, and 62% said they would rather watch a brand video then read text.  Millennials will choose how to spend much of their predicted 10 trillion dollar lifetime value based on information they receive from online video content.  It is clear to see why marketers are pouncing at the opportunity to produce video over any other form of content.

Millennials have an overwhelming preference for video content when shopping online.

How to win the revolution:
The Internet video revolution is upon us.  Some will win it, and some will sit idly by, failing to adapt while their market share dwindles.  The winners will be the companies who develop a strategy to utilize video throughout their conversion funnel.  Their champions will be the marketers who have a deep understanding of their target market. Statistics on how demographic segments react to moments in varying types of videos provide the insights for an analytical approach to video content creation.  Big data of this nature arms a company with actionable metrics to launch marketing video campaigns that strategically evoke the exact response desired of the target market. 

Unreel Entertainment is at the forefront of collecting valuable data on how viewers react to moments within videos.  

Unreel's platfrom catalogues the most popular moments within videos.
Unreel is at the forefront of collecting valuable data on how viewers react to moments within videos.  With the metrics they measure, marketers can have a complete picture of how an exact demographic reacts to an exact moment in a video.  Understanding not only the types of video that a segment is interested in, but which moments they specifically like, and why, is the key to developing a targeted video campaign for marketers that reduces friction within the conversion funnel.

 To find out more about how Unreel is harnessing Big Data to master the Internet Video Revolution please visit


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