Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why Startups are turning to Product Hunt

Product Hunt's active community has rapidly developed it into the hottest platform for launching a product.  

Want to have a successful startup? 
Now more then ever founders are turning to the site Product Hunt to get their business off the ground. The buzz generated by a successful Product Hunt campaign is enough to fuel a budding startup to escape velocity, and into the stratosphere of press, funding, virility, and every other aspiration founders have circling their heads as they dream at night.  Product Hunt’s success is just as much about the community it has created as it is about the startups it is able to feature everyday on its front page. 

Today it is hard to throw away your IPhone 5 without hitting someone who has an app or site you “need” to check out.  It has become increasingly difficult to break through the noise, to find products destined for fame.  Product Hunt has created a startup crystal ball that allows its community of early adopters, equipped with an intimate understanding of the tech world, to often accurately predict which products will have legs among consumers.  The excitement of being involved early on, before an innovative product blows up, is what draws more and more visitors to take part in the hunt.  For the same reason people wait days in line for the next great Apple product, Product Hunt’s community scours the site to discover something new — there is something deeply satisfying about being the first to use a product you know someday will be ubiquitous.
 Product hunt Founder Ryan Hoover

The level of engagement with which Product Hunt users interact with products is extremely lucrative for both feedback and early growth.

For startups, access to this community has immense value.  Rarely do even the most resourceful of growth hacks penetrate such a concentrated grouping of a target market.  The level of engagement with which Product Hunt users interact with products is extremely lucrative for both feedback and early growth.  Once a product has been hunted, the opportunity for direct conversation between founders and the community is the type of customer development product managers thrive on. 

Do not mistake Product Hunt as purely a marketing tool.  It is not just an alternative to a traditional PR fueled launch, with the end goal to accrue as many hits as possible from day one.  Product Hunt’s uniqueness lies in its ability to cultivate relationships, and drive conversation around a product. It not only delivers traffic to a fledgling product, but also produces focused, actionable wisdom from a community plugged in to the tech scene and possessing a finger on the pulse of the targeted consumer market.

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