Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Best Online Video Discovery Experience

Introducing Search on Unreel!

There are over three million moments tagged in Unreel’s video catalogue.  It is an impressive number that's growing daily as our AI Bot, Bumblebee, crawls the web for the top viral videos. Trying to find the video moment to fit your mood out of those three million can be a daunting task, but with search it's easy. The unique Unreel search feature allows you to find videos based on tagged comments referring to a specific moment in the video, completely changing how they are found.
Use search to surf Unreel's ocean of videos

A new way to search:
Searching by tag offers a video discovery experience unlike anything else on the web, unlocking the data from millions upon millions of specific video moments.  With a simple keyword, a search by tag can introduce you to thousands of videos you would have never found through a traditional search by tittle. You can quickly view the moments in the videos that are relevant to your search term, getting around fluff or misleading titles, and straight to what you are looking for.  It is a totally new way to surf videos on the Internet. 

Find what you want:
We have integrated search directly into the Unreel player to allow users to quickly find exactly what they want.  Users can simply type in what they would like to see in the translucent search bar at the top of the Unreel player.  Users can also choose whether they want to search by tag (comments on moments), video tittle, or both.  To narrow things down even more, users have the option to filter their results within specific channels, including the main five on the homepage, Trending, LOL, Tunes, Arcade, and Aww, as well as many more.  However you decide to search, and whatever you search for, Unreel's Search feature is sure to introduce you to the best the internet has to offer!

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