Wednesday, October 28, 2015

JustLOL and Chill > Netflix and Chill


Better than Netflix and chill in every way:

Netflix and Chill has taken over.  The phrase has become so engrained in todays pop culture terminology that even parents know what it means. Few relationships today exist without Netflix and chilling. But is it even the best option out there? 

JustLOL is our brand new app that has become a sensation. Upon its release the internet went crazy for it as an alternative to Netflix; and so JustLOL and chill was born.  

Here are six reasons why JustLOL and chill is better than Netflix and Chill in every way...

Download the iOS App here>> JustLOL

 1. It’s FREE!

Free is the most powerful word in the English language.  No other term can motivate the way the word Free does.  Think about the last time you were in a food court and saw a free sample guy get mauled by a crowd for a morsel of orange chicken in a thumb sized paper cup. The mob of people are not trampling him because they need MSG to survive; they are doing so because it is free. Netflix is anything but free; it is a leach that month after month zaps your wallet dry.

Should have JustLOL’d: JustLOL, much like the toothpick impaled orange chicken, is free. However, unlike the obesity inducing food court samples, when JustLOL causes stomach pain and uncontrollable noises to come from your orifices, it's due to laughter not food poising.

2. It’s FREE!

Free is so great it needs to be listed here twice.  This time because many of you are probably thinking, “I don’t actually pay for Netflix! I use my parent’s account so HA!”  Do you know what that makes you? A Hobo. You are a Netflix Hobo.  When you watch a video with someone do you really want him or her to know you are still reliant on your Parents?  Nobody wants to “chill” with a Hobo.

Should have JustLOL’d: With JustLOL the only Hobos are the ones causing you to laugh at their misfortune in a video!  Every one can have their own JustLOL account all to themselves because it is free; even you can afford that!

3. No Awkward History:

So you’ve cuddled up with someone one to watch videos and chill.  You open Netflix and the first thing that pops up is an incriminating continue watching list.  An unfinished episode of Pok√©mon, two Hitler documentaries, and 50 Shades of Grey scroll across the screen.  No justification can excuse you from this one. We all have skeletons in our Netflix history closet that can never go away, so why risk it?

Should have JustLOL’d:  JustLOL does not reveal what you’ve watched; it only shows what is funny and trending at that instant.  Rest assured you’re history is safe with us unless the N.S.A gets involved.

4. No Awkward Scenes:

You’ve reached a lull in the action in the Netflix video and you are about to make your move.  Right as you begin to inch closer, a dog is shot on screen; its blood splatters across the face of his boy companion.  It just so happens your Chillmate's dog had run away last week, and he or she begins to sob.  There is no coming back from that one. 

Should have JustLOL’d: JustLOL will never show you a sad video.  We only feature certified funny clips that are guaranteed not to ruin the mood. Endorphins are hormones that causes happy feelings in mammals. Laughter releases endorphins into the body at the same dose as a heroin addict getting their fix. How would you prefer to get an endorphin boost to set the mood?

5. Movies are so Long:

You start Netflix and chilling at a reasonable time to be doing such a thing, say Midnight.  You make sure you select a romantic movie. You think to yourself, “The Titanic is a love story, right?”  After 2+ hours Leonardo DiCaprio’s luscious locks disappear into the icy blue water, the movie ends, and you are both asleep.

Should have JustLOL’d:  JustLOL shows you the funniest trending videos from online.  Internet video lengths have been specifically tailored to the short attention spans of today. There are plenty of breaks in the action while using JustLOL to get to the chill part of your evening.

6. It's New:

Netflix rarely has fresh content.  Trying to stay up to date with the hottest memes or newest viral hits with Netflix is impossible.  The last thing you want is to come out of a month long Netflix and chill session to find you are no longer savvy with pop culture and what is trending. 

Should have JustLOL’d:  JustLOL is powered by our very own AI bot, Bumblebee.  Bumblebee’s sole purpose in life is to constantly search the Internet for the latest and greatest videos and then deliver them to you on JustLOL.  Never miss out on the videos every one is talking about again. 

Get JustLOL and Chilling now, get the app here:

Monday, October 26, 2015

JustLOL: The Funniest App Ever Made!

On October 26th, 2015 the JustLOL app debuted to the Apple App store and the world would never be the same again...

Unreel entertainment is proud to present the funniest trending videos ever assembled onto one app. 

JustLOL is not just a name, it is a promise! This FREE app will make you laugh guaranteed or your money back.  

How do we make such lofty claims without the approval of the FDA you ask?

JustLOL has thousands of videos in various categories such as Trending, Pranks, Fails, Animals, and Late Night, so you are sure to have a great time.  Our AI bot, whose primary objective is no longer to kill all humans, crawls the web to find you the most talked about moments in funny videos so you are always up to date.

We know what you’re thinking “Sure this sounds awesome, but I would only want it if I could GIF any moment and be able to share it.”

We agree! What good is it seeing the funniest scene in a trending video if you cannot share it as a GIF? It’s no good, that’s what it is.  So be good, and utilize JustLOL’s GIF feature, capturing moments on an eternal loop that could not be stopped even if you tried.

On JustLOL with only a finger and the dexterity of a primate you can:

-Pick your nose.

-Jump to different parts in a video based on comments others have made. 

-Pick your friend’s nose.

-Add your own comment at a specific scene in the video. (See something funny, say something funny)

-Share your favorite videos and tagged moments to your Facebook and Twitter accounts (Didn’t you learn to share in pre-school? Finally put your education to use!)

-Create a GIF instantly of any moment in any video.

Download the app today and get ready to JustLOL!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Why Video Discovery Sucks

How do you find a video you don't know about? 

Imagine this very common scenario.  You are at your computer and want to watch videos to kill some time. You do not have any specific video in mind, but you want something that’s fresh, popular, and in this case funny. Without the knowledge of which channels provide that, you go straight to YouTube search and enter the word ‘funny.’  The results?  You mostly see compilation videos of pranks, bloopers, and fails.  Sure these types of videos can be entertaining, but they hardly reflect the top videos online at that given moment that are funny.  This way of discovering trending videos is broken.

YouTube is the World's second largest search engine.

It is hard to believe how ineffective YouTube can be at helping users find what they are looking for when you consider just how massive it has become.  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, with 3 billion unique searches monthly.  Just because it is popular does not mean users are receiving the best results possible. YouTube search consistently pulls up videos that do not meet the criteria of users. Consider that YouTube videos have a bounce rate of roughly 43%.That means 43% of the time a user opens a video, they close it almost immediately, realizing it was not what they were searching for.  At the scale YouTube operates, that is an outstanding amount of disappointed users.  

It is not to say YouTube always fails its users. It is no coincidence the site has become what it is.  If you have some idea of what you are looking for; a specific event, a Youtuber series, or a scene, its search works flawlessly.  Their ranking system, which relies mostly on watch-time (the total amount of time viewers have spent watching a video) insures that the results you get are the most engaging videos with your keywords.  The issue is that on a site that gets 300 hours of new video content every minute, it is difficult to know what is out there to search for.

Why does video discovery have to suck?

YouTube’s discovery problem is not unique. All of the big video hosting sites fail to provide the ideal video discovery experience to its users. They fall short because of the way search currently works.  By scanning a tittle and description for keywords, search falls victim to the wording used by the uploader of the videos.  If a truly funny video is uploaded by a master digital marketer it may include the type of wording that will show up in common searches, but that is rare.  The majority of the time the type of videos that go viral are uploaded by an average Joe, who assigns tittles that describe the video but are not optimized to benefit search or discovery. 

Is there a solution?

There is a simple solution to ensure that search results reflect the content of the video, and in part, better fulfill what the user is searching for.  That solution is commentary. Relying purely on tittles and descriptions makes for ineffective results. Rather, going into the comments people have made about a video and indexing them allows for a far more powerful search.  The manner with which people talk about a video in Comments reflects the same language and connotations used in searches.  Dissecting what people have said about the video, and identifying what part of the videos they are referencing, allows for a deeper understanding of exactly what the video is about and what level of engagement it is receiving.  Comments are much more likely to match the way a person would search  for a type of video.

Unreel has pioneered this approach and incorporated comments about specific moments within videos into its search algorithm.  This means that when you enter a keyword into search on Unreel the results are comments at time-stamped moments in the videos that have elicited a response that uses your keyword.  If you search ‘funny,’ the videos’ results are the moments in videos that people actually called funny, not videos with the word funny in the tittle.  This ensures you are seeing what you wanted to see, even if you were not sure exactly what that was.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The 7 Most Offensive Halloween Costumes of 2015

Based on the viral videos that have made this a year to remember, or forget, depending on who you are.

Pizza rat will be everywhere
It is Halloween season and that means cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, and lists of the top costumes for 2015 based on pop culture.  All year Unreel has been surfacing the top viral videos,  highlighting some interesting characters. Instead of ripping off every other publication’s list of trending video parody costumes, Unreel is here to help you stand out.  In what is sure to be a sea of Left sharks, Donald Trumps, and black and purple/gold and white dresses, make a statement this Halloween with one of our politically incorrect costumes sure to offend.

1.   Bill Cosby:

We start with one of the more obvious targets, Mr. Cosby. Start by wearing a sweater, and mom jeans with a pill container in the pocket.  Strut around with confidence and a “won’t take no for an answer” attitude. You are sure to be the hit of your Halloween party. Bonus offensive points if you go in black face.

Line of the night: “I puts the pills in the puddin!”

2. The Dentist who killed Cecil the Lion:

Pay homage to one of the most hated men in America from 2015 with this simple costume.  Pick up a dentist uniform, and carry around a shotgun, bow and arrow, or whatever your weapon of choice is when taking out the king of the jungle.  As people confront you for what you did, remind them it was just for sport, and that you had fun doing it. Make it clear to them you have no remorse.
Watch Jimmy Kimmel explain why poachers need to be stopped here

Line of the night: “Right after I pull this root canal I think I will illegally murder a lion.”

3. Super Pope:

After the biggest US tour by a European since the Beatles, the Pope is on everybody’s mind.  The man can do no wrong. It is as if he is blessed or something.  The press loves him, people love him, and the environment loves him.  In fact he is so great that there were rumors earlier this year that he sneaks out of the Vatican at night undercover to fight crime and the evils of the world.  Help spread the holy word, and suite up exactly as the Pope would, were he actually a super hero which can neither be confirmed nor denied.
Watch the real Pope perform an actual magic trick here

Line of the night: “ Look up in the sky, is it a bird? Is it a plane? It is SUPER POPE!”

4. Bomb Clock student:

What better way to deal with a disturbing case of racial profiling and escalated prejudice than by pushing the envelope?  Dress up in your most convincing Allah worshiping terrorist clothing and carry a clock around all night.  Watch as people run in fear wondering what the timer is counting down to.  If people come close to inspect show them your neat school project, a simple but useful clock.
Watch Mark Cuban claim this whole situation is a fraud here

Line of the night: “I can’t wait to go to the white house to show Obama what I made.”

5. Brian Williams the liar: 

Remember Brian Williams, the liar.  Tangled in a web of reporting deception, Williams fell from grace as America’s top journalist.   Now you can help re-establish him as the reliable reporter we are all sure he still can be.  All you will need is a suite, an NBC pin, and a microphone to fit the look.  Anytime you hear someone tell a story, mention an event, or recount the plot of a movie, take as much credit for being there as you can. That time Uncle Barry met Mac Jagger in line at the supermarket – ­­­Brian Williams was there. The signing of the Warsaw pact ­– Williams sat between Stalin and Churchill to break up any fights.  Matt Damon as an astronaut stranded on Mars – Brian Williams has the eyewitness report at 11.
Watch the evolution of his lying here
Line of the night: “I was there!”

6. Hillary Clinton's e-mail records:

All you will need for this one is to stay in for the night.  Do not go out this Halloween.  When people ask where were you, tell them you went out.  Then explain they probably did not see you because you went as Hillary Clinton’s erased email records.  It is one of the most accurate costumes of the season.

Watch MSNBC discuss the scandal here

 Line of the night: “…”

7. The one Hispanic who is voting for Trump: 

At a recent Trump Rally, the Don pulled a Columbian lady onto the stage, who was ecstatic to vote for him.  They are not sending their best over here, and now is your chance to prove it.  Brush up on your Spanglish, and get ready to show your support.  Remember, do not let anyone know a campaign manager is compensating you major dinero for your adamant love of all things Trump.

 Line of the Night: “Viva La Trump!”

Here are some additional costumes that did not make the cut:

Fat Nicole Arbour

Any costume with a John Cena costume underneath it

Right shark

Philosophical Matthew McCaughey driving a Lincoln

Kim Jong-Un with margaritas from the Interview

Sexy Pizza Rat

A spooky ghost

What will you go as?  Be sure to check out unreel's halloween channel for even more inspiration >>

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Top Viral Videos Of All Time

Video online B.Y. (Before YouTube)

The Internet is on the cusp of overtaking television as the preferred video platform for consumers and rightfully so.  Ever since the modern web’s conception in 1990, it was apparent that it would one day be the new home for video.  It is only human to see blank surfaces as a canvas for entertainment.  From the Lascaux Cave paintings to Da Vinci's Sistine chapel, if we can alter something with media, we do.  Naturally computer screens are no different, and little time was wasted putting the most modern form of entertaining art, video, onto what could be mankind’s greatest invention, the internet. 

In 1993 the first video ever on the Internet was a live stream of a rock concert!

Three years after the advent of the internet Xerox PARC, the Palo Alto based research department of Xerox, had developed a way to send video files over the web. They wanted to test if their streaming program would play video across the Internet for live events.  The first broadcast was a concert by the band Severe Tire Damage. The video had loud distorted audio and a screen of mostly blurry hair, and so was deemed a major success for capturing what a rock concert is like in real life. 

Internet video for the majority of the following decade was predominantly a three horse race between Microsoft’s ActiveMovie player, RealPlayer, and Apple’s QuickTime.  This created an untidy nightmare for users and their desktops, which had to have every type of player downloaded and ready to go.  Things were consolidated in 2003 when Adobe released Flash. It received widespread adoption, and for the time being, subsided the mayhem.  The proliferation of Flash player paved the way for the true star of Internet videos, YouTube.

A.Y. (After YouTube)

The true history of Internet video starts with the birth of YouTube. When the site launched on Valentine’s Day 2005, few could predict just how big it would become.  From its first upload, a video of a young man at the San Diego zoo, to today, with nearly 7 billion views daily, YouTube has been the home for viral videos on the internet for a quite some time.  Don’t believe me? See how many of YouTube’s yearly most viewed videos you recognize. 

The top viewed YouTube videos 2005-2014


It does not get any more basic than this. A young man describes just how long Elephant trunks are at the zoo. (*SPOILER*) they are very long.
This video's fame comes from the simple fact that it was the first video ever on YouTube.  


1 man, 32 songs, 6 minutes, 293,000,000 views. Over night Judson Laipply went from being a great dancer and motivational speaker, to a sensation.  The video has been parodied many times by the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Andy Bernard on The Office, and Daniel Tosh on Tosh.0. Watch here.


Charlie bit my finger set the Internet ablaze in 2007 and for a considerable amount of time was the most viewed video on YouTube. Charlie and his brother Harry, now 11 and 9 years old, became famous by accident.  Their father uploaded the video because it was too large a file to email, but only meant to share it with family.  Somehow the video was picked up and went viral. Watch here.


Bill O’Reilly is not exactly known as a levelheaded even keeled guy. That does not make this melt down any less epic.  O’Reilly must have been having a bad day to get this upset about letting Sting play him out.  What did Sting ever do to you Bill? Watch here.


Normally getting your kids high is frowned upon by todays forward thinking society.  In this case however, it resulted in one of the most popular videos ever on YouTube.  David was not afraid to ask the big questions, “Is this real life?” “Is this forever?” “Are you going to put this on YouTube and embarrass me dad?” Watch here.


The only advertisement ever to lead a year in views, Old Spice caught magic in a bottle when they made the decision to hire the former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa as the Old Spice guy.  Deep down inside everyone wants to smell a little bit more like Mustafa, don’t you? Watch here.

Love it or hate it, Friday was an undeniable hit.  Rebecca Black didn’t exactly have the voice of an angel, but the catchy tune and undeniable production value made this song a true hit.  Rarely did a Friday pass in 2011 where this song was not heard on the radio partially as a joke, but also because people really did enjoy kicking in the front seat, sitting in the back seat. Watch here.


GANGNAM style is everything right with the Internet.  Had it come out 20 years ago, no one outside of Korea would have heard of PSY or his amazing dance moves. Thanks to YouTube this ridiculous nonsensical music video is the most popular video of all time. Watch here.


Perhaps this video was so popular because people had never actually thought to ask, what does the fox say? Made as a trailer for a Norwegian comedy show the video was not meant to be more than a joke, but became an actual song and the recipient of several awards including catchiest song of 2013 awarded by Radio Disney. Watch here.


Pranking People is wrong, unless it results in over 150 million views.  Imagine the nightmare scenario in which you think a giant spider is chasing you and suddenly you realize it is a dog.

What will be this year's top viral hit?  Be sure to be one of the first to see it, whatever it is, by watching  We have an AI bot that crawls the web to identify videos as they go viral and shows them to you on our Trending reel.  CHECK IT OUT NOW!