Wednesday, October 28, 2015

JustLOL and Chill > Netflix and Chill


Better than Netflix and chill in every way:

Netflix and Chill has taken over.  The phrase has become so engrained in todays pop culture terminology that even parents know what it means. Few relationships today exist without Netflix and chilling. But is it even the best option out there? 

JustLOL is our brand new app that has become a sensation. Upon its release the internet went crazy for it as an alternative to Netflix; and so JustLOL and chill was born.  

Here are six reasons why JustLOL and chill is better than Netflix and Chill in every way...

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 1. It’s FREE!

Free is the most powerful word in the English language.  No other term can motivate the way the word Free does.  Think about the last time you were in a food court and saw a free sample guy get mauled by a crowd for a morsel of orange chicken in a thumb sized paper cup. The mob of people are not trampling him because they need MSG to survive; they are doing so because it is free. Netflix is anything but free; it is a leach that month after month zaps your wallet dry.

Should have JustLOL’d: JustLOL, much like the toothpick impaled orange chicken, is free. However, unlike the obesity inducing food court samples, when JustLOL causes stomach pain and uncontrollable noises to come from your orifices, it's due to laughter not food poising.

2. It’s FREE!

Free is so great it needs to be listed here twice.  This time because many of you are probably thinking, “I don’t actually pay for Netflix! I use my parent’s account so HA!”  Do you know what that makes you? A Hobo. You are a Netflix Hobo.  When you watch a video with someone do you really want him or her to know you are still reliant on your Parents?  Nobody wants to “chill” with a Hobo.

Should have JustLOL’d: With JustLOL the only Hobos are the ones causing you to laugh at their misfortune in a video!  Every one can have their own JustLOL account all to themselves because it is free; even you can afford that!

3. No Awkward History:

So you’ve cuddled up with someone one to watch videos and chill.  You open Netflix and the first thing that pops up is an incriminating continue watching list.  An unfinished episode of Pokémon, two Hitler documentaries, and 50 Shades of Grey scroll across the screen.  No justification can excuse you from this one. We all have skeletons in our Netflix history closet that can never go away, so why risk it?

Should have JustLOL’d:  JustLOL does not reveal what you’ve watched; it only shows what is funny and trending at that instant.  Rest assured you’re history is safe with us unless the N.S.A gets involved.

4. No Awkward Scenes:

You’ve reached a lull in the action in the Netflix video and you are about to make your move.  Right as you begin to inch closer, a dog is shot on screen; its blood splatters across the face of his boy companion.  It just so happens your Chillmate's dog had run away last week, and he or she begins to sob.  There is no coming back from that one. 

Should have JustLOL’d: JustLOL will never show you a sad video.  We only feature certified funny clips that are guaranteed not to ruin the mood. Endorphins are hormones that causes happy feelings in mammals. Laughter releases endorphins into the body at the same dose as a heroin addict getting their fix. How would you prefer to get an endorphin boost to set the mood?

5. Movies are so Long:

You start Netflix and chilling at a reasonable time to be doing such a thing, say Midnight.  You make sure you select a romantic movie. You think to yourself, “The Titanic is a love story, right?”  After 2+ hours Leonardo DiCaprio’s luscious locks disappear into the icy blue water, the movie ends, and you are both asleep.

Should have JustLOL’d:  JustLOL shows you the funniest trending videos from online.  Internet video lengths have been specifically tailored to the short attention spans of today. There are plenty of breaks in the action while using JustLOL to get to the chill part of your evening.

6. It's New:

Netflix rarely has fresh content.  Trying to stay up to date with the hottest memes or newest viral hits with Netflix is impossible.  The last thing you want is to come out of a month long Netflix and chill session to find you are no longer savvy with pop culture and what is trending. 

Should have JustLOL’d:  JustLOL is powered by our very own AI bot, Bumblebee.  Bumblebee’s sole purpose in life is to constantly search the Internet for the latest and greatest videos and then deliver them to you on JustLOL.  Never miss out on the videos every one is talking about again. 

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