Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Help Us Hack Cancer

Unreal commitment to charity:  
Unreel team cleans up reel nice. 
In Silicone Valley, even the charities are start-ups.  Hack_cancer is a group of philanthropic young professionals who, in 2013, created the organization to hold events and raise money for non-profit cancer research.  Their marquee event is the annual Mr./Ms. Silicone Valley night.  The best and brightest start up minds from around the Bay area come together to both support charity and vie for the coveted Mr./Ms. Silicone Valley tittle.  

In 2015 the competition was intense.  10 founders from the most promising start-ups in the valley were given the opportunity to pitch their business shark tank style. Among them, Unreel’s very own Krish Arvapally.  In front of a crowd filled with the next Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of the world, Krish explained in a short and sweet elevator pitch exactly what Unreel was all about.

“We identify the most engaging moments in videos based on conversations around it and we stitch those moments together to create a new watching  experience that brings you the highlights of everything you care about.”

Krish pitched his heart out, and created a palpable buzz about Unreel among the crowd.  By the end of the night, the votes were in, and Unreel had won the popular vote. Unfortunately, the popular vote, as inventor of the Internet, and presidential runner up Al Gore can tell you doesn’t mean anything.  The judges officially dubbed Krish and Unreel, Mr. Silicone Valley runner up, with all rights and privileges associated with that tittle.
Some say the swimwear segment of the competition cost Krish the crown.

Most importantly the night was a success in raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  

Unreel has made a commitment to charity, and taken on hack_cancer as its cause of choice.  For each of the first 1000 accounts created on Unreel, $2 will be donated to Hack Cancer.  Together lets make a difference.

To Find out more about Hack_Cancer, Mr/Ms. Silicone Valley, and to get involved visit:

To have $2 donated to Hack_Cancer, be one of the first 1000 to sign up for Unreel, and discover the moments that matter. 

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