Friday, July 10, 2015

Could the Moment Happen?

2015 Summer Movie Edition

Nothing ruins a movie more then a completely unbelievable scene, especially at a moment that matters. So we ask, how believable are this summer’s blockbuster's top moments, could they happen?

Watch Chris Pratt get pranked by Raptors

Jurassic World: 

The Jurassic series popularity lies in the science it is based on. It feels like the movies are actually founded in real genetics, and that’s good enough for most of us.  All that’s needed is Dino D.N.A from a mosquito, fill in the missing links with frog D.N.A (what could go wrong), spare no expense, then boom, cue the music, T-Rexes everywhere.   As much as we all want to believe that one day Dinosaurs could come back, the YOLO moment a Raptor hunts you is probably a fantasy, right?

Could the moment happen?
Yes, yes it could high five!  But it is a long way off, and not true to the movie’s science.  D.N.A has a half-life of 521 years, meaning every 521 years, half of the genetic code of a D.N.A strand decomposes forever.  After millions of years, even if you found remnants of D.N.A, it would be useless, but there is an alternative. Paleontologist James Horner, the original inspiration for the Allan Grant character in Jurassic park, believes he has found a solution.   If the movies taught us anything, it’s that Dinosaurs evolved into birds, but don’t call them turkeys kid.  Horner is researching ways to reverse engineer bird’s D.N.A to undo millions of years of evolution, and hatch out a Dinosaur.  Skeptical? Researchers at Harvard have already reversed a bird’s beak into a Dinosaur looking mouth complete with teeth.  Prof. Horner forecasts a legit Dino clone could only be 10 years away.

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