Friday, July 3, 2015

America Celebrates Moments that Matter this 4th

Let Unreel be the soundtrack and inspiration to your moments that matter this 4th of July.  

Watch our America! reel.  Bringing you sights and sounds to celebrate our Country's birthday. 

America, like Unreel, is about moments that matter. The signing of the Constitution, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the invention of the fried Twinkie are examples of memorable American moments we all wish we could re-live. Sure we’ve also had some rough patches; we gave the world Arby’s, Nicolas Cage tried to steal the Declaration of Independence, we drove Hummers for a while… oh and that whole deal about a lingering racial divide that has threatened to tear the very fiber of this country apart.  But you can’t argue since ’76 the U.S has been the greatest country on earth in the whole world, and todays the day we get to celebrate our awesomeness.

Play Unreel this 4th, and in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt:  
"Party like a Rock.  Party like a Rockstar."

Unreel is the best internet video discovery platform around.  Our program searches the web for trending viral videos, and then tags the moments within those videos people are talking about. Whether you are looking for a funny video on our LOL reel, or that new song you can't get out of your head on our Tunes reel, Unreel delivers the moments that matter to you. 

Join the Unreel community, and watch the moments that matter every day of the year.

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