Monday, April 6, 2015

Unreel launches a new way to engage with video by surfacing the real moments that matter!

We've just launched

Full-screen channel surfing experience that automatically surfaces moments that matter. unreel shows specific time-marked scenes overlayed on top of video and allows users to skip to them automatically.
With millions of videos to choose from, it’s challenging for users to remove the fluff in online videos and watch moments they might be interested in. At the same time video creators are trying to find new ways a distributing content and providing a better video experience for users.
Research & Validation:
We have spent the past couple of years experimenting and uncovering what users want most out of watching video.  Through a 1.5 year research from - we found 55% say discovering videos suck today and 60% of the users reference moments when talking about video.  And a 9 month research and testing a tagging tool from - we found tagging moments needs to be frictionless and integrated video watching in a seamless way. (a detailed research report is available upon request)
Our Product: is a full screen channel surfing experience with highlighted moments on top of the video. A moment is when one says “the best part is at 4:52” on a video.  Users save time and can cut to the chase by watching only the key moments that matter.
Moments are powered by our proprietary tech called, BumbleBee. Bumblebee automatically analyzes engagement data of all the videos on the internet and captures these time-stamped moments and automatically curates them into an unreel experience.  These moments are broadcasted on Unreel channels in real-time. Bumblebee has already generated over 50,000 moments so far and continues to add daily.  Users can also add a moment while watching videos with just 2 clicks.

Co-founded by a passionate group of mobile and video folks with a strong entrepreneurial background. 
  • Dan Goikhman - He was the Co-Founder, SVP Strategic Alliances at Mojiva where he led strategic biz dev deals and got acquired in 2014. He founded Discover Dandelion along with Krish. 
  • Krish Arvapally - He was Co-Founder, CTO at Mojiva where he built the mobile ad server that was serving over 100 billion ads per month and got acquired in 2014. He also founded and built the core tech stack of Discover Dandelion where it brought advertising to Facebook & Google to marketplaces like Eventbrite. The company was acquired in early April 2015. 
  • Akshay Arvapally - bringing a wealth of product experience from various startups like muzik – a revolutionary smart headphone product, and Discover Dandelion 
  • Ryan James - media & design strategist with rock-star skills in UX/creative design Thank you! the Unreel team!

Thank you!
Unreel Team