Saturday, July 18, 2015

JustLOL coming to an app store near you!

We are taking back the LOL!

There’s nothing like that new app smell!
Meet our brand new App, JustLOL, bringing you the funniest online videos directly to your mobile device.  You can discover, tag and share your favorite moments within videos to spread the humor with your friends and the JustLOL community.  Download it and never suffer through a dull moment again!  Whether you’re in class, at a funeral, or watching you son/daughters piano recital, you will always have something to laugh about.  Get it on your smartphone or tablet to have trending funny videos with you wherever you go.

We say LOL, but do we mean LOL? 
You probably use the term LOL all the time, and that makes you a dirty liar.  How often does something make you literally laugh out loud?  Usually you use it in response to something that made you smile, or as a polite reaction to a bad joke, but the cold hard fact is very rarely does LOL actually mean you LOL’ed. 

JustLOL’s mission: take the LOL back! 
There is a difference between something that makes you smile, and something that makes you involuntarily giggle and wet yourself like a newborn; we are here to draw the line.  When we say this app is JustLOL, we mean it, you will laugh out loud.  We considered naming it JustLMFAO, but turns out that is not physically possible, and we wouldn't want to mislead you.  What we guarantee is that Unreel's new JustLOL app will consistently make you laugh out loud...and will probably show you the true meaning of life.  Point being, if you Just want to LOL, then just get JustLOL.

Be the first to get the JustLOL app CLICK HERE and get your swag on with a FREE Unreel t-shirt!


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