Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WeWork and its Unreel Offices

Unreel's NYC office, WeWork FiDi, has become a home.

Part of the team:
Behind every great team is a great workspace.  Not the kind that is merely a backdrop, providing the minimum requirements to stay out of the way of productivity.  Rather, a place that develops into an integral part of success, with value equal to any other member of the team.  The U.S. military has the pentagon, the Avengers have Stark Tower, and Unreel has WeWork NYC Financial District.

WeWork’s special sauce is composed of amazing locations, encouraged collaboration, and amenities to rival any top tech company’s campus.

WeWork rents shared office space to small companies on a month-by-month basis, but there is much more to it than that.  Located throughout sixteen of the World’s most impactful business cities in prime locations, WeWork fully understands the first rule of real estate.  What makes WeWork unique is the culture it cultivates throughout all of its offices. Gone are days of cubicles and closed doors, where each company is a private cult, unable to speak the language of anyone but their own.  WeWork features open workspaces, promoting communication between its tenants. The beauty of open co-working space is that it breeds collaboration.  All start-ups face the same challenges, and work towards the same goal.  By operating in an open environment, conversations between diverse individuals take place, and allow for the progress of all companies within a WeWork office.
Unreel team: Its not easy being this good. 

 A place to work hard and play hard

WeWork offices not only offer basic open workspace.  Their interior design, amenities and perks are on a level one would expect from the most contemporary, forward thinking corporate campuses. Comfortable and modern furnishings adorn the common work areas, as well as conference rooms and private workstations.  In addition to its aesthetic appeal, WeWork provides its tenants access to a bevy of activities to unwind during a difficult workday.  Arcades, ping pong and foosball tables, screening rooms and Beer on tap offer relationship building amusement to reduce stress and promote conversation. 

 Calvin, on his way to becoming undisputed ping pong champ!

Unreel Entertainment’s WeWork location in the Financial District of New York city has been an amazing experience thus far.  The access to fellow creative minds inside the Co-working space has helped us develop Unreel into what it is today.  We also hope it will play a large part in Unreel’s future as well.  We all look forward to going into work each day, and being a part of such a unique and beautiful office space, and the free beer doesn’t hurt.  When we are not hard at work designing, our team is busy dominating at ping-pong, or speaking with other founders discussing the challenges we all face ahead.  Fortunately, at WeWork, we do not face those challenges alone.

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