Thursday, July 23, 2015

VidCon 2015

Unreel is at VidCon to kick off our "Unreel Creator" program

Give me your video, your YouTube stars, your huddled masses of fans, yearning to meet their online idols. 

VidCon Mania:
The Unreel Team has been spotted.
Every year since 2010 tens of thousands of Internet video fans have swarmed the Anaheim Convention center mid-summer to attend Vidcon.  Vidcon is the world's largest conference for Internet videos that celebrates and discuses the state of the industry.  This year over 2,000 celebrities and major players in the space are scheduled to speak. The event features keynote conversations, hands on training, round-table discussions, plus platform and product demonstrations.  Among those 2,000 distinguished guests are some of the brightest stars of YouTube including the likes of Burnie Burns, TheThirdPew, Markiplier, Ksiolajidebt, Connor Franta, Flula Borg and Superwoman.  Along with those names come extremely passionate and rapidly growing fan-bases, the majority of which are teenagers.  Their young fans occupy Vidcon by the thousands, and wait behind barriers to get a glimpse of their cyber heroes before commencing an ear-piercing swarm of screams and selfie pandemonium. 

Young fans occupy Vidcon by the thousands... commencing an ear-piercing swarm of screams and selfie pandemonium. 
                                                       Unreel is thrilled to be at Vidcon:
Kayaking to VidCon, not our best idea.
The event is not only about the content creators, it’s about industry leaders networking and demonstrating new ways to distribute video content to viewers.  Unreel is excited to have its team on the ground at Vidcon this year to kick off our Unreel creator program.  The program allows YouTube content creators to easily sign up and be featured on the Unreel Platform.  With simply an email and YouTube channel name any YouTuber can join the Unreel family.  Once signed up, we direct our very own Bot, Bumblebee, at the specific channel to tag the top moments in each video, and add the videos to the Unreel Platform.  In addition to being featured on, creators will also receive their very own reel, a playlist of all their videos with the best moments tagged. This personalized reel can be shared with viewers, and imbedded within any website.

Unreel is looking forward to present this amazing opportunity to the thousands of budding and established YouTube stars at Vidcon to help them get more viewers.   

The Unreel Creator program gets more eyeballs on the content you work so hard to create, and makes it easy to show it off on a beautiful platform showcasing the top moments for the best watching experience.

Become an Unreel Creator and Sign Up today!!!

To find out more about Vidcon, visit


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