Monday, December 7, 2015

The 2015 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Youtubers

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus, tis the season for gift giving!

It seems like today everyone knows at least one Youtuber in their life who is plugging away trying to make that ever elusive viral video that will catapult them into Youtube fame.  Why not get that person in your life something they really want: one of these five gifts that will improve their chances of reaching their holy grail and creating an awesome viral video.  Its what your savior/ deity/ spirit/ pole would want this holiday season.

At Unreel we specialize in identifying viral videos and the specific aspects about them that are causing them to trend. We have noticed a pattern; that the following products show up often in viral videos , and although they are not solely responsible for the success of the video, it certainly couldn’t hurt to have them.  Here are the top 5 gifts for the Youtuber in your life:

1. A Quadcopter/ Drone
Price: $250-$5,000+
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 Nothing gives a video a more professional feel than over-head shots that used to be only possible on the highest budget productions.  Now any video can feature breathtaking views with a bird’s eye vantage point that will significantly boost production value.  Just including the word drone within the title of a video is a surefire way to bait viewers into clicking on a YouTube thumbnail.

2. Go Pro:
Price: $129.99-$499.99
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Viewing Internet videos is an escape from one’s reality, into the world of the Youtuber.  There is no better way to fully immerse oneself into another person’s experience than to watch what they are seeing from their perspective. GoPros make it possible to provide viewers with a first-person experience that makes them feel that they are there.  Any kind of extreme or action video will be significantly improved and do far better in terms of viewership if it features first person shots.

3. 4K Camera

Including the word 4K in a video tittle is instant click bait for most viewers.  Many people own 4K devices, yet rarely get to watch videos that utilize the vivid potential of such screens.  By shooting in 4K a YouTube is not only going to get more clicks, but from an artistic perspective is also matching the resolution of Hollywood’s best films right now.

4. Hoverboard

Something needs to be said for Swag, and nothing says Swag louder than a hoverboard.  There is no inherent reason why hoverboards are popular in YouTube videos, but they just are.  It seems as though many well know creators just enjoy showing off their skills during their videos. A hoverboard is not going to make or break any video, but you look good, you feel good —  and if you feel good, you make good videos.

5.  An account on

Unreel has a patent pending AI Bot that is constantly crawling the web to find videos as they go viral.  We pull videos and data from YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook to analyze the best content online.  For anyone trying to make it as a Youtuber, Unreel is the best way to keep up with trends and learn which type of moments in videos are getting positive responses. Using Unreel as a way to scout viral videos on the internet will help any Youtuber figure out what they need to do to improve their own videos.

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