Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1 Million Moments and Counting

Unreel has just tagged one million unique moments in some of the best videos on the web, which begs the question…                                                                                           

The moment a wax terminator comes to life as the real Arnold
What compels you to share a video? 
Its the kind of viral content that once you’ve viewed, you know exactly who would love to see it, and you can’t wait to be the one who shows them.  But what is it you are sharing any way?  Your friend doesn’t actually need to be informed that Charlie bit his brother’s finger, and it really hurt, or find out what happens to an iPhone in a blender.  You are not sharing what happened, you are sharing the feeling a moment in that video gave you.  Moments are what drum up the emotions we experience when watching an Internet video.  Some moments hit us right in the feels, others make us literally LOL, and some really do make us ask WTF?!?  It is these emotions reacting to a moment that we intend to share with our friends and family.  We want them to feel what we felt when the moment that matters strikes. 
The moment a cliff diver lands next to a Great White shark

Unreel is capable of doing just that.  

Our very special bot “Bumblebee,” powered by a proprietary algorithm, crawls trending Internet videos, finding the ones with moments worth experiencing.  Then it tags those moments and brings them to you on Unreel.  You are able to surf these videos on a reel based on the theme of your choice.  Find the music video that makes you twerk like Miley Cyrus.  Discover the moment that reminds you why you got YOLO tattooed across your forehead. Share the Aww-invoking-moment so touching you short circuit your keyboard with tears, then buy another one just so you can tweet about it. 

Once you discover your tagged moment,  share it.

 Unreel is more than just a platform for video curation.  It not only finds you videos for reels based on themes you choose, it brings you moments filled with the emotions that beg to be shared.  Videos don’t go viral — moments and emotions within them do. 

Find your moment on Unreel.  

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