Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why Apple’s New Announcements Matter.

Apple delivered huge news.  Now you can keep up to date with it on Unreel's Apple Channel.

1. “The future of TV is Apps.”

Watch the reveal for the new Apple TV
Tim Cook said it to the collective cringe of traditional video media companies. Apple’s new Apple TV has an array of novel features such as integrating the ever frustrating Siri to allow for voice control, and a new remote with touch and motion sense technology that appears to be the love child of a Wii and PS4 remotes. However the revolutionary news was the introduction of an App store on Apple TV.  Although Amazon and some smart T.V’s have had apps for a while now, the introduction of an Apple App store will change the way people think about apps on T.V.  Expect a rush of developers introducing innovative ways to deliver media, games, and utility on the big screen that will change the way people interact with their television sets. 

2. Why not the IPencil?

In 2010 Steve Jobs said “If you see a stylus, they blew it.”

Watch the reveal for the New IPad Pro
Introducing the IPad pro with the Apple pencil, which closely resembles a stylus, but a quick re-reading of the name assures you it is not; it is in fact a first of its kind future pencil.  IPads to this point have been viewed as more of a consumer device with some neat party tricks rather than a professional device to be productive on. Semantics aside, the Apple pencil was probably necessary for Apple to gain traction among the professional market.  A far larger screen, compatibility with an attachable keyboard uncannily resembling the Microsoft surface, and split screen functionality for running multiple apps round out the huge improvements for the IPad pro that should increase its appeal as a tool to work with. 

3. Lack of new features for the IPhone 6S:

Watch the reveal for IPhone 6S
The biggest new tech on the IPhone 6S is 3D touch; which allows the IPhone to sense how much force is being applied to the screen. 3D touch falls short of being as cool as it sounds, but still presents an interesting new way to interact with the IPhone.  Apple sees 3d touch as a new way to peek at and then open files, switch weapons in games, and use as a shortcut to the actions you take most.  In addition the IPhone will now have a 12-megapixel camera, and take 4k video. Both are major upgrades over the 6's camera.  The problem with Apple’s new announcement is it most likely only moves the needle for people who already own IPhones.  The 6S updates are probably enough to convince cell phone users to stick with Apple on their next upgrade.  However, in lucrative markets, such as China, where Apple has the greatest room for expansion, it is doubtful any cell phone user who has thus far resisted joining the ranks of IPhone users will make the jump just because of the new features of 6S. This may be the driving factor for the 1.9% drop in Apple stocks following the announcement.

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