Thursday, September 3, 2015

7 Tips To Build an Awesome YouTube Channel

Follow these strategies to boost your followers on YouTube: 

Every minute, 300 hours worth of video is uploaded to YouTube.  Many of those posting are YouTube celebrity hopefuls trying to develop a fan base for their channel.  Almost all of them will fail to get even 100 followers, and there is a reason why; their content probably sucks.  But that’s not you! You have something to offer that the world will love; you just have to figure out what that is and run with it.  There is no formula to developing a following on YouTube, but there are some things you can do to help your chances:

1. Be unique:

There are well over half a billion channels on YouTube. That means if your channel is one in a million, there are 500 channels just like it.  Unique doesn’t mean you need to be completely original.  Find successful YouTubers and emulate the parts of their videos you admire. Find a gimmick. Do something that no one else has done. Point being, people won’t click on your video if you are not offering something they could get elsewhere.

2. Be consistent:
Nothing will hurt your following more than inconsistency. This includes frequency of posts and topic.  Especially early on, you need to narrow in on a theme or topic for your videos.  This will allow you to develop a dedicated following of people who are extremely interested in that specific topic.  Frequency is also important.  Picture this —you’ve gotten someone to subscribe to your channel.  Awesome!  This person sees you post video on a weekly basis, but with no consistency about the day.  That puts the burden on them to check your channel daily in hopes a new video will be up.  If they check a few days in a row, and no video, they might lose interest in you all together.  Pick a day, or days that you will post a new video, and always post those days.  This will keep you focused, and your fans engaged.   

3. Talk about what you know:
YouTube has a community of over 1 billion people. That means there is a potential following for any topic, no matter how small.  Choose to make videos about something you know well, even if it does not have widespread appeal.  Find a niche’ on a topic you love, and develop a small but loyal following.  Then you can begin to branch out, doing videos with a wider appeal that will be supported by the built-in viewership of your established fans.  Above all, people want to see someone who is passionate.  So unless you are a professional actor, stick to something  you can naturally be excited to talk about.

4. Develop your social media:
 This is an often-overlooked part of the equation by people starting out on YouTube.  The beauty of YouTube is the relationship between followers and content creators. Social media is just another channel on which you can nurse the personal relationship with followers necessary to grow.  It is also an excellent place to promote new videos, and reach people whom you could not with YouTube alone.

5. Post early, post often:
Just like there is no formula to make a great YouTube Channel, there is no formula to create a viral video.  The more often you post however, the higher your chances are that one of your videos will begin to trend.  Posting often also populates your Channel and makes people more likely to check it out and subscribe, since they see that a lot is going on.  No one will follow a channel that feels like a ghost town.  One warning; this does not mean post just for the sake of posting.  Uploading
videos that are crap is the quickest way to kill your channel.

6.  It takes time:
Nobody makes a channel that is successful from the first video. It takes time to fine-tune your content and figure out what will be successful. Look at some of your favorite YouTubers’ first videos; they are probably terrible compared to what they do now.  The reason why YouTube channels fail is because people give up on them.  It doesn’t take days, or months to build a successful YouTube channel, but years.  If you follow some of the advice above, and keep at it for long enough, your channel will grow and you will be glad you stuck with it.

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