Monday, September 28, 2015

NASA's Huge Announcement

The "Wet" Red Planet:

On Friday NASA made the announcement for an announcement they planed on making about a “Major” scientific discovery on Mars.  This is not atypical, as NASA relishes the opportunity to create a buzz when they have a truly newsworthy discovery.  The night before the announcement, the heads of space enthusiasts everywhere hit the pillow with thoughts of flowing water, fossilized life forms, and even Martians swirling through their minds.  On Monday NASA did not disappoint, announcing there is liquid water on Mars.

Water on Mars is not shocking news.  It has been a long held belief that H20 existed in the Red planet's crust possibly as ice.  Many had hoped perhaps in the planet's past that liquid water had flowed and life had existed.  It was a widely held belief that currently without liquid water, Mars would prove to be a lifeless rock. 

With this bombshell, NASA has reignited hope that Mars may still host life forms living in its briny water.  This news also furthers the hope that humans could someday colonize Mars and live in a sustainable society, using the moist soil as a source for water. 

Water on mars could change everything.

Keep up with all of the incredible news coming out of NASA, all things Mars, and what it means for Humanity’s future with our three awesome Space reels:

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