Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Building the Best Video Discovery Platform on the Web with Algolia

Algolia's Search API has helped Unreel create a one of a kind UX

Unreel is proud to feature an amazing search tool to find thousands of moments and video titles by keyword in a matter of milliseconds.  This ability to find the exact moment in a video you are in the mood for help makes Unreel the best video discovery platform on the web. Our search would not be possible without the support of Algolia's API which has integrated seamlessly with Unreel.

Recently Algolia, in an in depth article, featured Unreel as one of their favorite applications of their search service:

This first project caught our eye because it tackles the hottest content trend of 2015: online video. Krish and his team at Unreel.co are working on creating the best video discovery platform on the web. Here’s their story...Read More>>

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