Friday, September 11, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Key and Peele

Relive their top 10 moments:

It is always hard to say goodbye. After 5 seasons Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have given us some incredibly LOL worthy moments.  Here are our top 10:

10. Pegasus Sighting:

Watch it here:

Key and Peele's best spoof, this video mocks the 2006 real news story about a Leprechaun spotting in Mobile, Alabama.  This might be a case where the original version is more ridiculous than the parody.  "Errybody think they saw a Pegasus say YEAHH."

9. Brock Favors:

Watch it here:

There is something funny about a person who is deadly afraid of flying in a helicopter when that is their job.  Hearing Keegan-Michael Key yell at the top of his lungs makes this one one of our favorites.

8. Georgina and Esther:

Watch it here:

We all could watch Key and Peele pretend to be old southern belles forever, and maybe we could have. That is until Satan tries to crash the party.

7. Vandaveon and Mike

Watch it here:

Vandaveon and Mike are just two web vloggers who like to make videos about the show Key and Peele.  Except they are Key and Peele, and they are on the show Key and Peele. Woah, Meta.

6. Wendell's pizza order:

Watch it here:

We all order so much food for ourselves sometimes that we have to pretend we are throwing a party. We also all pretend to be dating a doll to avoid embarrassment every now and then.  That's what makes this video so relatable.

5. The Valet guys:

Watch it here:

There is an acceptable amount of excitement to feel when thinking about Liam Neesons. The Valet guys surpass that and then some.  When they finally get to meet him, this was bound to happen. Tragic.

4. Meegan, come back

Watch it here:

A night out can put a strain on any relationship. Can Key win back Meegan? Or at least get her to take her sweater back?

3. The East West Bowl:

Watch it here:

The only thing funnier than a funny name? Key and Peele saying it in character. One of the show's top viral hits. This is classic K&P.

2.  Substitute teacher, Mr. Garvey:

Watch it here:

Normally it is the students messing with the subs mind.  In one of Key and Peele's first big skits, Mr. Garvey, an inner city substitute teacher tries to pronounce common names with his own unique inflections.

1. Luther, Obama's anger translator:

Watch it here:

You know you have made it when the President asks you to perform with him at the White House's correspondents dinner. Obama proved he doesn't care what people think about him in his final term by having Luther take some bellow the belt shots at his critics.  Obama don't care, and neither does Luther.

Those are our top ten Key and Peele moments, what are yours? Use Unreel's search feature to look up all of your favorite Key and Peele moments at

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