Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trending this week: Driving Stereotypes Ft. Dale Jr

Normally the Dude Perfect guys are out attempting to nail insane basketball shots, but this week, they nailed stereotyping drivers We had our bot crawl the comments on their video looking for its best moments.  Here are the highlight comments for the best moments in this video: 

The "This is what I want #squadgoals” Moment:

When a group of adult men pile into a souped up truck, and then Spice Girls come on, things are gonna get weird. Even Dale knows the words to this one as the whole group began to sing along.  It takes a true man to accept a girly song can be a good song.

The “Dale actually races in his own car holy sh*t” Moment:

Dale Pulls up next to the Dude Perfect gang in his very own ’76 Chevy Laguna. He could have been in a Go Kart and still smoked the guys in this drag race. He’s Dale Earnhardt Jr, it’s what he does.


When is a joke taken to far? The Dude Perfect guys would say never.  After a spilt milk shake lands on his car, Ty rationally responds, by taking a jackhammer to the other guys ride.  By the end of it, one car is totaled, and the other is in serious trouble if it's lactose intolerant - seems fair enough.

The “Give that man an Oscar” Moment:
Ty redeems himself after the slight road rage incident, by doing a complete belly flop face first onto a run away car.  Not sure if this is an actual stereotype, but A+ for the commitment to put his body on the line. Oscar worthy indeed.

The “Dale’s face, ain't got time for that lol” Moment:

Its one thing to have to deal with a backseat driver, its an entirely different thing when you are a world class professional race car driver.  If Dale wants to do 150 in a school zone, Dale does 150 in a school zone; just don’t ask him to take a right hand turn, NASCAR drivers strictly hang louies. 

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