Friday, August 21, 2015

Three Growth Hacks You're Missing Out On

How Unreel is taking growth hacking to the real world:

Remember clicking on banner ads? When websites first started using them the click through rate was huge. They grabbed people’s attention because consumers had not yet learned to block them out.  Now, banner ads are ubiquitous on the web, and for that reason we all have developed blinders to ignore them.  Growth hacking is Darwin in action.  Hackers evolve a new way to grab attention, and it works, too well. Pretty soon every marketer begins using the same technique. The market becomes over saturated, and consumers loose engagement. The good growth hackers are able to adapt, and develop new ways to gain users.

Normally, internet companies have have avoided traditional real world advertising. Unreel has evolved to embrace crowdsourced advertising as a new way to grab attention, heres how:

The Wrapify Hack:
On the average city commute, a person’s car passes by thousands of people. Wrapify is making cars into moving billboards, turning heads, and giving startups an affordable from of advertising.

How it works:
Any one with a car from 2008 or sooner can sign up to have their car Wrapified; wrapping the car in a company’s logo.  Then the company pays the driver weekly based on how many miles they drove their own car with the logo on it.  Unreel has utilized Wrapify by holding contests on social media, offering prizes for people who snap a pic of our cars out and about.

The TeesPay Hack:
If you can wrap a car with an ad, why can’t you wrap people?  TeesPay sends stylish T-shirts with company logos to people who then get paid every time they wear the shirt out.

How it Works:
When someone signs up for TeesPay, they are sent a shirt with a company's logo for free.  Every time they wear the shirt in public, post a picture of themselves in it, and tag the business on social media, they get paid.  The shirts are conversation starters that are already building buzz for Unreel.

The Sticker Bombing Hack:
This is a cheap, old school way to build brand awareness and stay on customer’s minds.  Apple still does it, as do countless others.  A sticker is a way to get personal with the consumer.

How it Works: 
Print out stickers featuring your logo, and find excuses to spread them. Take them to shows and events and hand them out at your booth.  Send them as a thank you to your customers.  For Unreel stickers are a great freebie to introduce ourselves with and also remind people of who we are.

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