Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Top 5 Viral Thanksgiving Videos of 2015

Happy Turkeyday:

Here at Unreel we are thankful for viral videos.  The kind of video that you cannot help but share with the important people in your life; and isn’t that what the holiday is all about?  Nothing embodies the spirit of Thanksgiving quit like an Internet video.  It is something we all take joy in that instantly compels us to share with those who we care about.  This Thanksgiving gather around a screen, get close with your loved ones, and watch some videos that remind you of what you are thankful for...

Like this list of the top 5 Thanksgiving videos of 2015 as determined by our patent pending AI bot, Bumblebee.

Top 5 Thanksgiving videos 2015:

80 pounds of turkey, 67,439 calories, 2,417 grams of fat, one epic sandwich.  This type of meal would have made the Pilgrims proud. 

While most families are trying to make small talk to avoid land-mine conversation topics that will only end in a fight, this family is parodying the top songs of 2015. #Winning.

There is nothing more American than grabbing some good ole’ boys and shooting firearms at Thanksgiving dinner before you eat it.  All in patriotic 4K!

Fights are inevitable when politics are brought up at Thanksgiving dinner, but there is one thing we all can agree on, Adele is back!

Uncovered footage from 18 years ago reveals what really happened to the Barney float. 

Hungry for more Thanksgiving videos? Check out our awesome lineup of Thanksgiving channels sure to make you happier than a Turkey on the 27th!

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