Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Solution to Facebook's Video Problem

The world's first Facebook trending channel

Like it or not Facebook is positioning itself to become a video first site.  It already boasts of having 8 billion daily video views. Whether that number is doctored or not, a massive number of videos are being played.  With thousands of hours of content uploaded to Facebook daily there is an overwhelming amount worth watching. The problem lies in that discovering the majority of videos, let alone those that matter, is near impossible.  You can neither search for videos nor set Facebook to only show you videos. Instead, to see videos you must rely on what your friends have posted on your timeline or through an advertisement directed at you.  For a site with aspirations to become the largest video platform in the world, there is a lot of content users are missing out on.                                                     
What is the Problem?
Facebook already hosts a great deal of videos, many of which are not available anywhere else on the web. Facebook’s rapidly expanding video library will soon rival YouTube’s, but most users will only have the chance to see a fraction of what is available. If your goal is to see the very best videos online, the ones that are trending, the kind of videos that are worthwhile, there currently is no guarantee you will see it on Facebook.  The issue is compounded if you want to search for a video. Up until now there has been no way to search for only videos on the platform.  Without both a more effective discovery interface and search capabilities, Facebook video is only providing a minute portion of the value it could have for users.

The Unreel Solution:
Introducing the only way to discover and search trending Facebook videos.

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Unreel is one of only a handful of companies who is working with Facebook to get the latest Trends using their APIs and have sifted through the huge amount of videos and the data on engagement around them. Utilizing the data, Unreel has rolled out several new integrations on its site to deliver the first and best way to truly unlock Facebook’s video potential.  Unreel has a patent-pending technology that assesses which videos are trending on the web and allows you to view them on categorized channels on  We now include Facebook videos in the mix on these channels (Trending, LOL, Music, Gaming, etc.)  Unreel has also rolled out a Facebook channel, featuring the hottest Facebook videos, with the best moments tagged based on our analysis of engagement around them.  Our Facebook channel is the best place on the web to catch up and interact with what is TRENDING on Facebook videos. Our last integration with Facebook is a first-of-its-kind search.  Unreel is currently the only Facebook specific video search online! Our site allows you to query a key word and pull results from the growing pool of popular videos on Facebook.  With our technology you can also search by comments on specific moments, bringing you the exact part of the video you are interested in.

Facebook video discovery and search is here.  See the power of Facebook video on Unreel.

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