Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The 7 Most Offensive Halloween Costumes of 2015

Based on the viral videos that have made this a year to remember, or forget, depending on who you are.

Pizza rat will be everywhere
It is Halloween season and that means cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, and lists of the top costumes for 2015 based on pop culture.  All year Unreel has been surfacing the top viral videos,  highlighting some interesting characters. Instead of ripping off every other publication’s list of trending video parody costumes, Unreel is here to help you stand out.  In what is sure to be a sea of Left sharks, Donald Trumps, and black and purple/gold and white dresses, make a statement this Halloween with one of our politically incorrect costumes sure to offend.

1.   Bill Cosby:

We start with one of the more obvious targets, Mr. Cosby. Start by wearing a sweater, and mom jeans with a pill container in the pocket.  Strut around with confidence and a “won’t take no for an answer” attitude. You are sure to be the hit of your Halloween party. Bonus offensive points if you go in black face.

Line of the night: “I puts the pills in the puddin!”

2. The Dentist who killed Cecil the Lion:

Pay homage to one of the most hated men in America from 2015 with this simple costume.  Pick up a dentist uniform, and carry around a shotgun, bow and arrow, or whatever your weapon of choice is when taking out the king of the jungle.  As people confront you for what you did, remind them it was just for sport, and that you had fun doing it. Make it clear to them you have no remorse.
Watch Jimmy Kimmel explain why poachers need to be stopped here

Line of the night: “Right after I pull this root canal I think I will illegally murder a lion.”

3. Super Pope:

After the biggest US tour by a European since the Beatles, the Pope is on everybody’s mind.  The man can do no wrong. It is as if he is blessed or something.  The press loves him, people love him, and the environment loves him.  In fact he is so great that there were rumors earlier this year that he sneaks out of the Vatican at night undercover to fight crime and the evils of the world.  Help spread the holy word, and suite up exactly as the Pope would, were he actually a super hero which can neither be confirmed nor denied.
Watch the real Pope perform an actual magic trick here

Line of the night: “ Look up in the sky, is it a bird? Is it a plane? It is SUPER POPE!”

4. Bomb Clock student:

What better way to deal with a disturbing case of racial profiling and escalated prejudice than by pushing the envelope?  Dress up in your most convincing Allah worshiping terrorist clothing and carry a clock around all night.  Watch as people run in fear wondering what the timer is counting down to.  If people come close to inspect show them your neat school project, a simple but useful clock.
Watch Mark Cuban claim this whole situation is a fraud here

Line of the night: “I can’t wait to go to the white house to show Obama what I made.”

5. Brian Williams the liar: 

Remember Brian Williams, the liar.  Tangled in a web of reporting deception, Williams fell from grace as America’s top journalist.   Now you can help re-establish him as the reliable reporter we are all sure he still can be.  All you will need is a suite, an NBC pin, and a microphone to fit the look.  Anytime you hear someone tell a story, mention an event, or recount the plot of a movie, take as much credit for being there as you can. That time Uncle Barry met Mac Jagger in line at the supermarket – ­­­Brian Williams was there. The signing of the Warsaw pact ­– Williams sat between Stalin and Churchill to break up any fights.  Matt Damon as an astronaut stranded on Mars – Brian Williams has the eyewitness report at 11.
Watch the evolution of his lying here
Line of the night: “I was there!”

6. Hillary Clinton's e-mail records:

All you will need for this one is to stay in for the night.  Do not go out this Halloween.  When people ask where were you, tell them you went out.  Then explain they probably did not see you because you went as Hillary Clinton’s erased email records.  It is one of the most accurate costumes of the season.

Watch MSNBC discuss the scandal here

 Line of the night: “…”

7. The one Hispanic who is voting for Trump: 

At a recent Trump Rally, the Don pulled a Columbian lady onto the stage, who was ecstatic to vote for him.  They are not sending their best over here, and now is your chance to prove it.  Brush up on your Spanglish, and get ready to show your support.  Remember, do not let anyone know a campaign manager is compensating you major dinero for your adamant love of all things Trump.

 Line of the Night: “Viva La Trump!”

Here are some additional costumes that did not make the cut:

Fat Nicole Arbour

Any costume with a John Cena costume underneath it

Right shark

Philosophical Matthew McCaughey driving a Lincoln

Kim Jong-Un with margaritas from the Interview

Sexy Pizza Rat

A spooky ghost

What will you go as?  Be sure to check out unreel's halloween channel for even more inspiration >>  http://www.unreel.co/channel/scary

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